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May Is Foster Parent Appreciation Month!

Have You Heard??  Snuggle Bulls has declared May to be the official month to show appreciation to Foster Parents everywhere!!  

Snuggle Bulls will be creating a special video, and an article, to celebrate foster parents!  
How can YOU participate?

-RESCUERS: Please send photos of your Foster Parents with their Foster Furkids to  You can also send your own little note about your fosters, which will be included in the article I am creating!  
Please take this opportunity to show your Foster Parents how much they are appreciated!  
-FOSTER PARENTS: Please send your notes about fostering!  This can be a fostering memory that is special to you, or a note about being a foster parent in general.  You can also send pics of you with your Foster Fur-kids, if you would like for them to be included in the Snuggle Bulls Video, for Foster Parent Appreciation Month!  

 To all of the Foster Parents out there; WE APPRECIATE YOU, it is because of YOU that Rescuers are able to save more animals, you are all very special people!  Much Love & Positivity to you all!!

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Voting Round One Beginning Tomorrow, July 3rd
  The first round of Voting will begin tomorrow, July 3rd and will remain open until July 7th at Midnight.  (I am purposely keeping it open for a while in light of the Fourth of July Holiday.  This way if someone is on Vacation, they won't miss their opportunity to vote in the first round.)  The first round of voting closes on Thursday the 7th at midnight, any votes after this time will be removed.  (Different Time Zones will be considered for this round only.)

  You are able to vote for 3 dogs, but please only 3.  If a person votes for more than 3, I will have to remove their last vote. The first round of voting will eliminate all but three Contestants.  The three contestants with the most votes will be the final three, who will then move on to the second round of Voting. 

 Voting Round Two Begins July 8th
The second round of Voting will begin on July 8th between 8 and 10am Eastern and will remain open until July 12th at Noon Eastern Time.  Unfortunately, any votes placed after this time will be removed, so please be sure to get your vote in before Noon, July 12th!

This will be the final round of  voting, and will determine the final Snuggle Bull of the Year Winner!
There will be 3 Contestants (previously Featured Snuggle Bulls) to choose from, but you may only vote for just 1.  If a person votes for more than 1, I will have to remove their last vote.  

The Snuggle Bull of the Year Winner will be announced on Tuesday, July 12th! 

How Do I Know Who To Vote For?  Where Can I find Links to all of the Contestants Stories and Pics?
To Find Links to All of the Contestant's Stories and Pics, simply Scroll down a little further on this blog to my next Post Titled:  "Snuggle Bull Of the Year Contest."  You will find a List of Contestants, it simply states their Names.  Click on the Name and it will take you directly to their Story and pictures.  This will help you choose which Contestant you think is most deserving of winning Snuggle Bull of the Year.  If you are new to Snuggle Bulls, or have missed a few of the Stories (Features), this is a quick and easy way to browse through them without having to find each one separately.  

Where Do I Vote?  Facebook!
Once the Voting begins, I will add a link here to the posts on Facebook, where you can vote.  They will be very easy to find on my Snuggle Bulls Facebook Page but I will post links here as well.  



  The Snuggle Bull of the Year Contest will be held once every 12 Months.  July may seem like an odd month to do this but the contest is held in July because Snuggle Bulls has been around for about one year now.  The Snuggle Bull of the Year will be chosen from all of the Snuggle Bull of the Week Features within that Year.  

The Contest will begin with Nominations; one nomination is all it takes to make it to the final voting!  Snuggle Bulls Fans will be doing both the nominating and the Voting!

1. Only Previous Snuggle Bull of the Week/Month Winners are Eligible!  
2. You May Nominate Your Own Dog or Someone Else's Dog As Long As The Dog Has Been a Previous Featured Snuggle Bull of The Week/Month.
3. You May Nominate As Many Dogs As You Would Like To.

Nominate Your Favorite Snuggle Bull
You Can Nominate Your Favorite Snuggle Bull 3 Simple Ways:
1.  Reply to my post on Snuggle Bulls Facebook Page with "I nominate ___".  Link to Post Here - Post Nominations Here
2.  Make a Post on My Snuggle Bulls Facebook Page Saying "I nominate ___".  
Link to Snuggle Bulls Facebook Page Here - Snuggle Bulls On Facebook 
3.  Anonymous Nomination - You Can Nominate A Previously Featured Snuggle Bull Anonymously By Sending An Email To With Your Anonymous Nomination.  I (Nikki), am the only person with access to this email and I will keep your name private.  

Where Can I Find Previous Featured Snuggle Bull's Stories?
There Are Links to All Previous Featured Snuggle Bulls of the Week/Month Below.  If you plan to Vote, and I hope that you do, please do read through the stories and pick the Featured Snuggle Bull who you feel deserves the Snuggle Bull of the Year Award, the most!  Simply click on the names below and the link will take you directly to their feature, where you can read their story and look at their pictures too!
Danni Nominated 
Princess Buttercup Nominated 
Misty Nominated 
General Nominated 
Moxie & Gizmo Nominated 
Firu Nominated 
Minnie Nominated 
Delaney Nominated 
Brodie Nominated 
Mighty Mikey Nominated 
Mack The Pit Bull Nominated
Sonrisa Nominated
Mr. Buddy Rose Nominated
Daze, Kane & Forrest Nominated
Annabelle A.K.A. 'Belly' Nominated
Ashlynn Marie Nominated
Echo Nominated
Bailey Nominated
Helen Nominated

I would also like to say to all of my Featured Snuggle Bulls; it has been a true honor and privilege sharing all of your amazing stories!  Thank you for helping my vision for Snuggle Bulls flourish throughout my first year, I couldn't have done it without all of you and your parents!  Much love and Positivity to you all!

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Positive Pittie Pic of the Day Theme 

For the next week or so, the theme for Positive Pittie Pic of the Day is KISS PICS!  I usually only choose a theme for Holidays and Special Occasions, but I am working on the next Snuggle Bulls Video, (which is being made with all of the Positive Pittie Pics of the day and our Snuggle Bull of the Week pics too), and I need kiss pictures!  The pictures can be of your Snuggle Bulls kissing each other, other animals, people, kids, babies- ALL kiss pics are welcome!  When the video is completed, you will see why I needed them and I hope that all of you like my idea!  
Positive Pittie Pic of the Day is one of the many ways I try to display and prove what our beloved Bully Breeds are REALLY like!  Two pictures are chosen to be winners daily and then are added to Snuggle Bulls 'Positive Pittie Pic of the Day'  Photo Album.  A new video will be made every few months from the pictures, once enough have been collected!  

How Do I Enter A Picture for Positive Pittie Pic Of The Day? 
IT'S SIMPLE!  Post your picture on Snuggle Bulls Facebook page 'Wall' (link below), label it 'pic of the day' and your photo has officially been entered into the contest!  Please include the names of everyone pictured and feel free to add any other details that you would like to share. 
ALL BULLY/POWER BREEDS INCLUDED SUCH AS; Pit Bulls, All Types of Bulldogs, American Staffordshire Terriers,  Staffordshire Bull Terriers,  German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans,  All Types of Mastiffs,  Bull Terriers, Cane Corso and Dogue De Bordeaux.

Snuggle Bulls Facebook Page - Post Pics Here!
Positive Pittie Pic of the Day Photo Album

Below are a few perfect examples of the types of pictures I would like to have.  Thank you to my Snuggle Bulls Fans for sharing them with us!


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Clips From Previous Snuggle Bull of the Week Features

Snuggle Bull of the Week Clips
Snuggle Bull of the Week was the first contest offered and the only contest offered until Positive Pittie Pic of the Day, was added.  Snuggle Bull of the Week actually started as Snuggle Bull of the Month; as my fan list grew (Thank you!), and more entries came in, I made it a bi-weekly, then finally; a weekly contest instead.  Below, are short clips from every Snuggle Bull of the Week/Month that has been Featured so far.  

October Snuggle Bull of the Month; Danni!  
Danni A.K.A. Danielle, was our very first Featured Snuggle Bull.  Danni and her Mommy, Dawn, keep in touch and post adorable updated pics frequently, here are a few pics and clips from their feature. 

"I don’t remember the beginning of my life, but someone must have loved me. I knew how to sit and stay…..I loved to play with toys….maybe someone played with me. Somehow I ended up on a street corner in Queens, NY as a stray. Animal Control picked me up on May 18th , 2010 and my new home was a shelter…… I was now a Death Row Dog…not good!! They don’t let us stay too long because shelters are so crowded. So we have euthanasia dates to make room for others. Some people from Amsterdog Rescue Inc., come in to try and save as many of us as they can." Amsterdog Rescue 
                "By the end of May I had passed my Temperament Test with a “No Concerns”, which is the highest score a dog can get. That means I am a friendly girl, far from the “killer” that PitBulls are made out to be."
"Now, this lady, Dawn, wants to adopt a dog. She is introduced to Deb, and Deb recommends me!!! My new mom gets some pictures of me and makes arrangements to meet me. All of a sudden, plans change and I was on my way to my new mom’s house, without even seeing each other. She said a picture was all she needed. 
"So much has changed since that day on a corner in Queens. And it all started with people who had the ability to look beyond the stereotypes and give me a second chance."  Read Danni's Full Feature here:  Danni, October Snuggle Bull of the Month

 November Snuggle Bull of the Month; 
Princess Buttercup!

Princess Buttercup had such a huge impact on Valerie Paster, that she named her Foundation for her!  "The Princess Buttercup Foundation"
The Princess Buttercup Foundation on Facebook 
The Princess Buttercup Foundation Website 
 Valerie Paster's amazing Foundation, which is Pro-Bully and offers Educational programs as well as Rescues as many as they can, is our May Featured Foundation of the Month.  Check out the Feature - May Featured Foundation of the Month

"The weeks were passing by and PB wasn't getting any interest. So, I started getting desperate and really nervous about PB. At the time, a lot of changes were being made at the shelter; good and bad. I started getting worried about her and I just could NOT accept the fact of walking into the shelter one day and not seeing her there.
Luckily, the shelter started a Humane Education Program. I elected PB to be the first Doggie Ambassador to go to a school with me and the rest of the team to help teach the kids about animal kindness, dog safety, and of course show the kids how great Pit Bulls can be. I knew she would do fine, but I was hoping that having her go to the schools and being able to brag about her would help the staff to show more interest in her and that this would get her adopted faster. I was almost in TEARS with how totally AMAZING PB was with the kids. She met over 100 kids in one day -- all of which were running up to her petting her ALL over her body. She was LOVING it! She literally rolled on her back and had tons of kids petting her belly. I attached the picture of the kids petting her belly."
"I had two choices -- 1. bring her back to the shelter where she would be killed because they were overcrowded and were not allowing dogs to be adopted who didn't love dogs and/or cats or 2. take on the responsibility of paying for her vet bills, boarding fees, travel fees, and spend countless hours trying to find her a home and sit outside of stores with her... Of course, without question I chose number 2. "
 Since this Feature, Princess Buttercup has been successfully adopted, due to Valerie's hard work and dedication.  Read PB's full feature here- November Snuggle Bull of the Month; Princess Buttercup!

December Snuggle Bull of the Month; Misty!  
"I bumped into Misty as I was walking back home from picking my son Adam up from the bus stop a block away. When we got in front of our house Misty was just standing there in the middle of the street. My first reaction was to be on guard. Not because she was a pitbull but because I didn't know whose dog she was and how they raised her. I told Adam and my daughter Maria to get behind me, because I may have to kick this dog if it charges. But she didn't. The more we got closer I knew she didn't mean no harm. it took me about 3 minutes to warm up to her. So I slapped my leg and said 'come here girl' and she did. I told my kids to just be careful as we really didn't know her.The first thing I noticed about Misty was that she was under weight, and was worn down. She had patches of hair missing. 3 big bumps with open wounds on them. I thought she was neglected and abused and just used to make money. It crushed my heart knowing that someone had harmed and beaten this poor girl. Yes Misty has found her furever home. She is now a part of my family. I could not part with her. I love my Misty. I have been blessed to have her. I am so grateful for her. She's just so warm and loving. Wish I had her from birth.
8.  Snuggle Bulls:  What day is Misty's birthday and why?  
  Misty's birthday is October 5th. This is the day I found her, and she found me. Read Misty's Feature here - December Snuggle Bull of the Month; Misty
 General, Our February 27th Snuggle Bull of the Week!
General a caring devoted Rottweiler.  This is his story....,.
General, then known as Finley was taken by his former owner for no apparent reason and abandoned at the Downey shelter in LA County on October 29, 2010. For the next 25 days he sat in his cell waiting to go "into the room" where all unwanted, unloved pets go never to return.  Despite being confined, General's sweet disposition never faltered, he loved every person that came to visit him but was passed over again and again.  
Finally, Finley met Adriana from the Mount Olympus Dog Rescue; she was his shining hope for rescue.  Together they left the shelter; Finley then became General and began his new life full of promise and love.
Only being at his foster home for one week General was adopted by Paul, a Marine who had just come back from Iraq. Paul, due to his injuries, had been looking for a strong, calm dog to train as a service dog and General fit the bill perfectly. A new family was formed!General went home with Paul and he is now in training as a service dog.  On command General will learn to help pull Paul off the couch, pick things up off the floor and steady Paul's balance as he walks. Read General's Feature here - February 27th Snuggle Bull of the Week; General!

Mt Olympus Dog Rescue

 Moxie & Gizmo; March 13th Snuggle Bulls of the Week!
Because Moxie and Gizmo are litter mates and still the best of friends, we decided to make their story a double feature! Lucky for the pups, the right people just happened to come at the right time and now they are both loved immensely, happy and healthy with their Mom's and Families! Read their Feature here - Moxie & Gizmo Snuggle Bull of the Week Feature

Firu, March 20th Snuggle Bull of the Week!  
 Firu’s story…. ”Its Not The Distance I was Dragged,  It Is The Love Of The Animal Rescuer That Pulled Me Through.”  Quote by Samantha Hodge, Founder of Barks and Wiggles Boxer Rescue .
On that day, Firu a 3 year old white pittie mix was tied to his former owners’ bumper of his truck and left.  Later this person and a passenger, both very intoxicated got into the truck and proceeded to drive home forgetting Firu was still tied to the back bumper.  Firu was dragged down the road and was finally spotted by a witness who called Charlotte Mecklenburg police and also animal control.  
By 6:30pm Firu was at the Animal Hospital of East Burke under the care of Dr. Tom Wallrich.  During his 48 day stay Firu went through many surgeries and wound cleanings.     Samantha went almost every day to visit Firu and even helped change his bedding and wound dressings.
 Finally on Nov. 3, Firu and Samantha rode home in style in a black stretch limousine.  

 Now, home at the “Hodge Lodge,” Firu has become “top dog”, every whimper, cry and bark has been attended to by a loving member of the Hodge family.  He is also the only pup to curl up in Samantha‘s lap every evening.  Although at first a rescue, Firu has now become a permanent Hodge, Samantha couldn’t imagine life without him.  Read Firu's Amazing Journey - Firu's Snuggle Bull of the Week Feature

Minnie, March 27th Snuggle Bull of the Week!
Minnie and Carolyn... A Best Friend Love Story 
2.  Snuggle Bulls:  What was your fear with the city Minnie was living in with her previous owner?
Carolyn:  Dog fighting is very common in Baltimore, which was where Minnie was being raised with her previous 'owner'.  I was afraid as she got older, she would be used for fighting herself.
3.  Snuggle Bulls:  What was your feeling about Minnie's living conditions with the previous owner when you initially met him?  Does he have other pets?  Did they seem to be well cared for and loved?
Carolyn:  I actually had not seen Minnie's living conditions. The lady I was speaking with was Minnie's 'owner's' sister, but she was in contact with me since he did not have a computer. I had met them at the sisters house since they had said the brothers place "would be too hard to find". Which really made me wonder what was really going on...
4.  Snuggle Bulls:  After bringing Minnie home, what did you notice about her physically that you then asked the Vet about?  What did the Vet say was the cause and how were you to improve this condition? 
Carolyn:  When I got Minnie home, I noticed her nails did not look right. They looked like a french manicure almost.  When we went to the vet for the first time I asked the vet and he said it was because she was malnourished and was fed very cheap food.  Basically what I needed to do was get some good food and wait for the nails to grow out.
Carolyn:  I have never been hesitant about having a Pit Bull. They are mistaken dogs who are great family dogs and who get a bad reputation by others who treat them badly.

"Minnie is a great companion and definitely enriches my life!  She loves to snuggle and play. " Minnie, 3-27 Snuggle Bull of the Week Feature

Delaney, April 3rd Snuggle Bull of the Week!
 Delaney whose name was Echo, sat in 'doggie jail' at the Camden County Animal Shelter.  Delaney was in quite a bit of pain, and still she had kisses and tail wags for all who came to visit her.  Delaney is beautiful and sweet but because of her limp, everyone for 9 months, passed her by...
That is when Meghan saw Delaney's picture, right here on Facebook.  Meghan and her Husband Tom,  headed to the shelter to meet Delaney, they DID see her limp but instead of passing her by because of it, they took her home as their foster!  Soon after, Meghan and Tom became official 'Foster Failures' and decided to adopt Delaney - not only did they decide that they couldn't imagine their lives without Delaney, they could not let her continue in pain...
8. Snuggle Bulls:  You previously mentioned to me that after adopting Maia and Butler, you were done adopting for a while.  However, after walking Delaney that day, you immediately filled out an application to foster her?  What was it about Delaney that compelled you to foster her?  
 Meghan:  Like I said before, I had a connection with Delaney immediately when I saw her on my computer screen. But then I met her in person. She was in her cage staring at me like she had known me for years. When I took her out for a walk we noticed she was limping pretty badly and not using her back left leg. We were told it was “not a big deal” and that she was on anti-inflammatory medication. I instantly knew it was worse than what we were being told and knew she couldn’t sit in that cage in pain anymore. So I said I wanted to take her home to foster.
14. Snuggle Bulls:When you followed up with your own Vet, did he (or she) agree with this diagnosis?  If not, what was your Vet's diagnosis and suggested treatment plan?  Also, what was the cost of your Vet's suggested treatment plan?
Meghan:  I took Laners to my vet immediately. Within about 5 minutes of being in the exam room with the doctor and him feeling her hips he said, “This is hip dysplasia and its bad”. He then did some xrays to confirm his diagnosis and showed them to us. I could see how bad her hip was immediately. I couldn’t believe that Delaney had sat in that cage for almost 9 months in pain and no one had seen her hip dysplasia. It was very obvious, even to me who has no knowledge of veterinary medicine, when looking at the xrays. Her leg was basically dangling from her hind quarters and completely useless. My doctor gave me some options but told me the best option was to do a surgery where he created a new socket for her hip and placed her hip into that socket. It would then create a new joint. With the surgery, vet appointments, xrays, medications and physical therapy everything would cost us about $3,000.000.
16.Snuggle Bulls:  What made your Husband and yourself decide to adopt Delaney and ultimately take on her costly medical care?
Meghan:  Well like I mentioned before, if I brought her back to the shelter she would be euthanized so that was not an option. Delaney needed someone to help her and we were going to be the ones to do that one way or another.
30. Snuggle Bulls:  In closing, is there anything you would like to add or say?
Meghan:  I think that people who have preconceived ideas about pit bulls or any bully breed really need to take some time and look into what they think they know. Yes pit bulls can be high energy and protective and bouncy but they’re also loving and loyal and cuddly. My pups were abused and mistreated and neglected and all they want is for us to rub their bellies and speak kindly to them. My husband and I can’t walk into PetsMart to get their nails cut without getting a dirty look or nasty comment about us owning three pit bulls. But instead of judging me for having three pit bulls, give me some credit for taking the world’s most misunderstood dog and giving them a loving home. I appreciate anyone who takes a bully breed into their home and loves them unconditionally because I know how you are judged. But it’s pages and people like Snuggle Bulls that brings awareness to these very unfairly stereotyped dog. So keep spreading awareness and maybe someone will listen.  Delaney's Snuggle Bull of the Week Feature
Puppy Buffet 

  Brodie, April 10th Snuggle Bull of the Week!
Brodie; Once Left To Die and Now a True Ambassador To Pit Bulls Everywhere!  
Brodie is a Special Needs Dog Who Refuses To Let Her Disability Define her... 

5.  Snuggle Bulls:  Brodie and her litter mates were found in a kiddie pool, how did they get there?  Did the people occupying the house put them out there?  Was their mom or anyone caring for them at all?
Jenna:  Brodie and her litter mates were found in the backyard of an occupied home, they were thrown out when they were only a couple weeks old after the young kid who bred them's mother got sick of hearing the puppies crying. Their mother was nowhere to be found and they were not being cared for at all, by the time they were found one of them had actually passed away from exposure and the rest of them weren't in much better shape.
7.  Snuggle Bulls:  How many puppies were found in the kiddie pool?  Where they all in bad health?  Did all of them survive? 
Jenna:  I don't know exactly how many pups were in the litter but unfortunately one had died from exposure due to being thrown outside at such a young age. The surviving pups all had severe health problems including worms and malnutrition.
9.  Snuggle Bulls:  What Rescue is responsible for saving Brodie and her litter mates?  We would like to personally thank them.
Jenna:  Brodie and her siblings were rescued by Jenn Morrison of Misfit Angels Rescue...They are a wonderful group of people and are very good at what they do! I owe them a HUGE thank you for giving me such a wonderful gift!Misfit Angels Rescue
13.  Snuggle Bulls:  What changed with Brodie shortly after you adopted her?  Also, how did you notice this change?
Jenna:  As soon as Brodie became comfortable in our home she began her training, clicker training was one of her main training methods...a month or two after we started working with the clicker I began to notice her not responding to it like she usually would, and within a couple weeks she wasn't responding to the clicks at all, I had thought that she was just being stubborn! Finally one evening she was asleep on the couch and somebody came to the door, our other two dogs started barking like crazy and she didn't even wake up! When we seen that we finally realised that something was seriously wrong!
 16.  Snuggle Bulls:  Instead of telling her what to do, how do you get Brodie to follow directions?
Jenna: Instead of giving Brodie verbal commands we use "sign language"...she has a very long list of hand signals that she has learned, and just like any other dog, she can Sit, Lay Down, Stay, Spin, Heel, Watch and lots of other fancy tricks that she uses to impress people :) 
17.  Snuggle Bulls:  We hear that Brodie is an exceptional student!  Please tell us about her education thus far.  Also, does Brodie's disability hold her back at all?  Does it take her much longer than the dogs without disabilities to 'catch on'?  
Jenna: Brodie has been attending classes since the week she came into our home...she started out in a Beginner Class and at the end of that she recieved her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Certificate (puppy version of the CGC Test) with a score of 100%. She recently graduated from the Intermediate Class and will be begining the Advanced CGC Class next month. I have honestly been shocked at how quickly she learns, she catches on to things faster than any other dog I have worked with! She is WAY to smart for her own good...her smarts actually tend to get her into trouble sometimes ;) 
19.  Snuggle Bulls: Was there a specific reason or perhaps something that has inspired you, to work with Brodie on becoming a therapy dog?  If so, will you please share with us what that was.  
Jenna: My reasoning behind wanting to work with her as a Therapy Dog is the fact that Pit Bull type dogs simply DO NOT get the attention they deserve to get...there is a horrible image painted of them and people tend to believe only what they see on the news. As a Pit Bull owner, I can talk until I am blue in the face about how wonderful these dogs really are and not a single person will believe it until they see we will show them! Brodie has personally changed the opinions of many people, including some of my own family members, she instantly turns into the center of attention no matter where we go and I LOVE to see the look of shock on peoples faces when I tell them that they are actually receiving kisses from a "vicious pit bull"!
25.  Snuggle Bulls:  Now that you have experience with a disabled dog, would you ever consider adopting another dog with a disability, deaf or otherwise?  
Jenna:  Now that I have experienced what it's like owning and training a special needs dog I am sure that from here on out I will more than likely stick with only them. It is hard enough for a pit bull to find a loving home, but its even harder for a pit bull with "problems" to find a home, and I am willing to be the person that is there for them. Like any other pittie, they all have their own unique stories and they just want to have someone that loves them.

30.  Snuggle Bulls:  In closing, is there anything you would like to say? 
Jenna: The last thing I would like to add is for anyone that is skeptical about adopting a special needs dog...they are no different than adopting any other "normal" dog, it is an extremely rewarding experience! Brodie and I are also more than willing to show you the ropes and we are available to pay any new special needs owners or fosters a visit to help get them started with basic training and hand signals...hope we can be of some help! :) Jenna and Brodie Brodie's Snuggle Bull of the Week feature

Mighty Mikey, April 17th Snuggle Bull of the Week!

Liz gazed at Mikey’s face again…”he had the expression of a big question mark as if to say, why won’t someone save me? What is wrong with me, why not me?” Liz knew he was special and she was right. Liz who lives in New York state rescued Mikey and he was transported from SC to NY. Mikey now lives with his foster/adopted mommy, Morgana Washington of Welcome Home Sanctuary.
Mikey arrived at Welcome Home on October 23, 2010 and was a true gentlemen when meeting the rest of the pack. Morgana described Mikey’s demeanor as that of an understanding grandfather, she then came up with the wonderful idea of Mikey becoming a reading therapy dog and plans were set in motion.
Morgana says that Mikey is truly the epitome of what a good dog is, he doesn’t beg, whine, carry on, or bark constantly. He insists on cuddling, cuddling, cuddling. If he even sees a leash in her hand he insists it is for him, and if he really wants something he barks and stamps his front feet. In regards to his past…Mikey is a mystery, his ears are cut by an obvious scissors-in-the-kitchen job, his front legs have lesions indicating he was bound up by something, his hind legs also have lesions indicating trauma, all are old and well healed over. So it is very possible Mikey could have been used as a fight dog or a bait dog, but he is loving and even tempered so he could have been someone’s loved pet. Morgana sums his past as “all is a mystery which Mikey keeps a secret like a miser would keep his gold.”  Mighty Mikey's Snuggle Bull of the Week Feature

Mack The Pit Bull, April 24th Snuggle Bull of the Week!
Mack a.k.a Macaroni- A True Inspiration

On Nov. 23, 2010 Best Friends, the ASPCA and local law agencies removed 123 dogs from deplorable conditions at a Hector, AR Outdoor shelter.  Previous to this Raid, the dogs residing at "The Humane Society of the Greater River Valley" In Hector, Arkansas Endured many forms of Abuse; including starvation to the point of death, many fights as they were made to run freely with no supervision, unattended injuries and medical conditions and adding to the population in the process as they were not even Neutered or Spayed!  
Mack and his Sister Raven, from his previous home, which they were forced out of due to BSL (Breed Specific Legislation); were surrendered to this horrid "Shelter" in Hector Arkansas in Spring of 2009.  During the next 18 Months (about) of Mack's life he suffered from intestinal parasites, was a victim to many dog fights, developed mange, had ear infections, became emaciated, had a broken and infected toe, a yeast growth over his skin and a GUN SHOT wound!  All of which were either not given medical treatment at all or next to none... 
3. Snuggle Bulls: Tell us a bit about the Arkansas BSL laws, please. Are Pit Bulls/Bully breeds allowed anywhere in Arkansas or have they been banned completely within the state? Have the BSL Laws affected you personally?
Jessica: Several cities in AR have passed BSL, most just for ‘pit bulls’ specifically but some also include ‘other dangerous dogs’ and Rottweilers. I think BSL is something that affects every person who shares their life with a dog-especially bully, GSD and Rottie people. It is an unfair and unjust thing to use ‘blanket laws’ for any living creature. 
5. Snuggle Bulls: Mack and Raven were surrendered in the Spring of '09, and during that summer Mack suffered a traumatic injury. Can you tell us about that injury, what happened to him; how and where did this incident take place?
Jessica: We are not sure of the event that caused the injury, but we do know he was shot while at the rescue. When he came to us his leg had a severe infection with three holes that constantly drained. 
8. Snuggle Bulls: How much longer after the Vet visit in September was Mack still residing in The Humane Society of the Greater River Valley? Also, during this time, what follow up medical care did Mack receive?
Jessica: Mack stayed at the shelter until Nov. of 2010 during that time his health deteriorated. Due to his suppressed immune system he began to suffer from mange, was the victim of dog fights (the shelter was outside and the only ‘houses’ they had were old pig stalls-so all animals ran together), had intestinal parasites, became emaciated, had ear infections, a broken and infected toe and yeast over growth on his skin.
9. Snuggle Bulls: You've stated that the Animals in the Humane Society of the Greater River Valley endured many forms of abuse. Would you mind telling us a bit about what you know regarding this abuse to other animals, besides the OBVIOUS neglect they bestowed upon Mack. Did Mack go through even more than this disgusting medical neglect which clearly caused him tons of pain for a long time?
Jessica: It took over a year before law enforcement agencies stepped in to save the animals there (and many believe this was only due to Best Friends and the ASPCA) even with numerous complaints. Dogs had been found starved to death on the property by volunteers who refused to give up on the animals even though the woman who ran the rescue did. There were many dogs on the property, so fights were a common thing and many of the dogs had old and new injuries. Since many of the dogs had not been spayed/neutered puppies were a common sight.
11. Snuggle Bulls: Ten days after Erin Rescued Mack, Raven and the others, what happened at the Humane Society of the Greater Valley Shelter, where Mack and Raven had been staying?
Jessica: Best Friends and the ASPCA, with local law enforcement, seized 123 neglected dogs and puppies on the morning of Nov. 23rd. All went to Southwind Animal Hospital to receive the medical care they were in need of, which the clinic provided out of their own funds and donations from the public. All dogs had mange and parasites-most were under weight and many puppies had parvo, coccidia and one had pneumonia- 13 dogs later died due to their lack of care at the shelter. Some of these dogs went to Dogtown, many were directly adopted out and others went to rescues. 
 17. Snuggle Bulls: When you took Mack for an emergency Vet visit one morning, what was the cause? Also what was Mack's treatment and the Vet's prognosis for Mack?
Jessica: At about 6 am (which is when I get up for work) I noticed Mack’s leg was retaining fluid and would not drain. I got ready for work and after having the medical director of our clinic look at it, she told me to leave and take him to my personal vet. Mack had to be kept on IV antibiotics for 2 days and then have surgery on the second day. The vet had to open up both sides of Mack’s leg and found over 2” of dead bone that was left from his gunshot wound in ‘09. 
22. Snuggle Bulls: Please share a bit with us about the now happy and loved life that Mack now leads?
Jessica: Mack goes to work with me everyday and changes people’s minds about the myths they hear about pit bulls in the media. He even has friends who stop by to see just him! He is amazing with other dogs and sometimes goes to comfort them after surgery. He visits all the employees and clients and especially loves the elderly and children.
When at home he plays with his dog buddies, watches tv, and goes almost everywhere with us when we leave the house. He is a VERY loved guy…and he even has his very own Facebook page! Mack The Pit Bull's Facebook Page

Mack's Snuggle Bull of the Week Feature

Sonrisa, May 1st Snuggle Bull of the Week 

On October 4, 2011 Sonrisa, along with another 1 year female American Bulldog were confiscated by animal control of Miami Dade.  The reason they were confiscated…their former family had been evicted from the property they were living on.  The family vacated the premises leaving these two family pets behind; locked in a small pen in the backyard with just a bowl of water between them. Animal control took the dogs to Miami Dade Animal Shelter, one of the most over crowded high kill shelters in the nation,  so chances were very slim these two dogs would make it back out.
At this time, Sonrisa is happily waiting at the Beracha’s for her forever family to adopt her.  She gets along well with the resident Cocker Spaniel as well as other dogs, and loves children and everyone she comes in contact with.  Her laid back attitude; a wonderful trait of an American Bulldog, means she is not high energy, but does love her walks with Debbie.  As Debbie says, referring to Sonrisa, “she is beautiful, and has a unique appearance but more than that she is a very sweet girl who loves attention, she is also very mellow, easy to take care of, loves to lounge and nap.” 
 Sonrisa a true jewel, has been with Debbie for six months, during this time Debbie has fallen in love with the American Bulldog breed, which she knew little about, before Sonrisa.  She says, “When the perfect home comes along, I hope we can let her go.”  Sonrisa's Snuggle Bull of the Week Feature

Mr. Buddy Rose, May 8th Snuggle Bull of the Week!  
Mr. Buddy Rose on Facebook 
Mr. Buddy Rose Blog 

3. Snuggle Bulls:  At what point did you decide to confront Buddy's previous owners regarding Buddy's condition, and what was their reaction?
 Pam:  One Saturday, he looked like he was having some trouble walking. His hind legs didn’t move quite right.  He was still walking, but something was wrong with his gait.  We wondered if maybe he had been hit by a car.  The next Saturday, he didn’t get up off the ground to come to the fence.  We asked his owners what was wrong with their dog.  They said they didn’t know.  He just quit walking.  We told them he had to go to a veterinarian.  They said they didn’t have the money to take him to see a vet.  We tried to stress he had to go to a vet. They HAD to call one and make payment arrangements or whatever it took to find out what was wrong with their dog.  They gave more excuses.  They also said they had looked for a Pit Bull Rescue to take him, but they were all too far away.  They said they were going to take him to our local animal shelter and leave him there.  
4. Snuggle Bulls: When you learned of their plans for Buddy, what made you decide to ask if you could have him as your own?
 Pam:  Our county Animal Shelter is a kill shelter.  We knew a Pit Bull type dog, especially one that could not walk, would not live long there.  His chance of survival at the shelter would be really slim.  He needed to see a vet.  I told the owners the way I saw it, they had three options.  Without medical treatment, this dog would die in their yard.  It was a 90 degree day. The dog laid in the dirt in the hot sun with no water or food in sight.  Even if food and water were available, the dog would have to crawl to it to eat or drink.  Another option was the shelter, where he would also likely die.  The third option was to let me take the dog and take him to our vet.  But, if they let me take him, he would become my dog and would not be returned to them.  I really didn’t know if he could be saved or walk again.  I even thought our vet might say he had to be euthanized, but at least, I thought, this would be more humane than the other two alternatives.  The previous owners discussed it and finally decided to let me take the dog.    
10. Snuggle Bulls: When you were given the horrifying news that Buddy had in fact been abused, may I ask your first reaction?  Absolutely no offense intended, but were you able to contain yourself hearing face to face that this Dog you are now growing to really love; was beat with a tire iron, fed gun powder and was planned to use for Dog Fighting?
 Pam:  I was in shock.  I had to get out of there, fast, before I blew up.  This is not really a nice area of town and can be rather scary at times.  I had to leave.  What I remember thinking driving home that day – Poor, poor Buddy.  I needed to get to a computer and Google feeding gunpowder to a dog.  I had never heard of this.   I also knew that being hit by a tire iron would support the neurological issues the vet had talked about.  Because all four legs were affected, the vet thought Buddy might have two spinal problems, one in his neck and one in his lower back.  Even though it was hard to imagine, the whole tire iron story would fit with what we were hearing from our vet. 

15. Snuggle Bulls: How long has Buddy been officially yours as of today, April 27th 2011?  Also, if you had it to do all over again, would you?
Pam:  May 22, 2011 will be his “Birth-A-Versary.”  In less than a month, we will call it his 3rd Birthday and the anniversary of his 1st year with us.
Although at the time, we didn’t really have a long-term plan.  I can’t imagine what my life would be without Mr. Buddy Rose.  Yes, I would do it again.  ABSOLUTELY!   
17. Snuggle Bulls: Mr. Buddy Rose has a few goals for himself. Could you share those goals with us, please?
Pam:  Pit Bull type dogs get such a bad rap from the media.  I would love for him to be a part of changing people’s minds about Pit Bull type dogs.  He has already done some of that with my neighbors.  I believe he is and could be an Ambassadog for Pit Bull type dogs.  He has completed Basic Obedience.  One day, I hope he will be a Canine Good Citizen and then we’ll work on him being a Therapy Dog.  He is so good with children.  Someday I would love for him to be able to work with them in some capacity as a Therapy Dog.  Buddy Rose Facebook Feature

Rosie, May 15th Snuggle Bull of the Week!
"Rosie, a Resilient Pit Bull Who Has Already Learned to Love and Trust... Now Rosie just Needs Someone to Love Her Back, Forever."   

It was fate that a shaking, trembling, Pit Bull found the 'right' compassionate people on a very cold, Michigan, February night.  Without thinking twice, Kris was determined to help Rosie that day, and Jordan was very quick to follow Kris's lead.  Even though these two, a very young pair, have a lot on their plate, to them, there was no other choice, they would not leave her there!  Knowing that they could not keep Rosie themselves, they would find her a good home.  
Since then, they have learned some things of Rosie's past, she was clearly used as a breeding dog and has had about 8 litters of puppies in her 3-4 years of life.  As if that is not bad enough, she was also a "bait dog" for dog fighting, which unfortunately is very common in Detroit.  
 At first, Rosie was terrified of other dogs, even causing her to urinate.  However, this girl is very resiliant and has already come SO far... She has since, developed loving, playful relationships with other dogs.  Rosie has also learned to trust humans again, rather quickly, I might add.  She passed a temperment testing with FLYING COLORS, NO signs of aggression whatsoever.  Because this poor girl has been to not one, but two foster homes, that did not work out; Jordan also had her tested by a Dog Behaviorist, who also said that Rosie will make a wonderful addition to a good home and family, and also agreed - NO SIGNS OF AGGRESSION!  
Jordan, Kris and Rosie's second Foster home, (which didn't work out due to husband traveling for work often- issues,) have done a wonderful job of rehabilitating Rosie already.  Now, Rosie just needs a good loving home, without small animals (Rosie is terrified of small animals), to complete her journey, and she even comes with FREE training lessons, spayed, crate trained and fully vetted!  It was fate that she escaped the horror of her abusers, we cannot let her story end there!  Jordan and Kris can only afford to help for a short time longer, as she is partially being boarded - they have no choice.   Please read Rosie's story with an open heart, then please share her!  Rosie's Snuggle Bull of the Week Feature



Thursday, May 12, 2011

Snuggle Bull Of The Week Contest

Snuggle Bull Of The Week Contest

This Contest is NOT just for Pit Bulls.  ALL Bully/Power/Misunderstood Breeds are included - Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Bull Mastiff, American Staffordshire Terriers , Bulldogs etc.

For a Thorough Description and Instructions on How to Enter, Click the Link Below:
Snuggle Bull of The Week Contest  

What is the PURPOSE of the Snuggle Bull of the Week Contest?  
With all of the negative media, so many people view a Pit Bull's wonderful qualities as the 'positive side'. Which to me implies that there is a negative side first to get through, just because they are a bully breed. Often times a person who has no experience with a 'shelter pet' would not consider adoption out of fear especially with bully breeds. Most often, Bully breeds are overlooked and unaccepted altogether, thought of as 'mean' or 'dangerous'.

I hope that our Snuggle Bull features will disprove these and other misconceptions by reading success stories of everyday people and their Bully Best Friends. EVEN adopted bully's, often times previously abused, neglected and/or abandoned, Bully's. The Snuggle Bull Features focus on the nature of that particular Bully, up to and including how they are with kids and other pets, as well as many other 'personality' type questions. Some features will be Bully's who were previously shelter/rescue dogs success stories, some will be stories of remarkable companionship - ALL will show the true nature of our Bullies and prove what others are missing out on! With our features, I hope to skip right over the negative and show everyone who will read it, that most of that 'negative' doesn't really exist. Instead, bully's are trustworthy, loyal, intuitive, goofy - always making you laugh and smile, affectionate over- sized lap dogs A.K.A. SNUGGLE BULLS! Their love is unbreakable and truly unconditional.

We hope that you will find this to be fun, exciting and a productive way to promote the true nature and the countless amazing qualities our bully's possess! 
There is no 'positive side', Bully's are ALL POSITIVE!  TOGETHER, WE CAN PROVE THIS!   

Somehow I ended up on a street corner in Queens, NY as a stray. Animal Control picked me up on May 18th , 2010 and my new home was a shelter……

I was now a Death Row Dog…not good!! They don’t let us stay too long because shelters are so crowded. So we have euthanasia dates to make room for others. Some people from Amsterdog Rescue Inc., come in to try and save as many of us as they can. The day they came in, I was just sitting in my cage playing with my toy they gave me. All the dogs were barking and very frantic, as we all should be……it’s scary and lonely in there. But I kept occupying myself with my toy and didn’t bark. My Rescue Mom, Deb,  said that is what made them want to give me another chance. I was calm and cool….Miss Independent amongst all the commotion. Next thing I know, I was sprung from jail and on my way to a better life.
 By the end of May I had passed my Temperment Test with a “No Concerns”, which is the highest score a dog can get. That means I am a friendly girl, far from the “killer” that PitBulls are made out to be.  
6. Snuggle Bulls:  If you could speak to every person in the world who has preconceived misconceptions regarding this breed and to those who are 'against' the breed, fighting for BSL or otherwise, what would you say?
Dawn:  I had a Shepherd and lived with a Rottweiler........but Danni is my fist PitBull. I will admit I was afraid after I ageed to take her because I had never seen or interacted with one. I only saw them on TV......and all the negativity that follows them. She has turned out to be the most loyal dog I have had. If you treat them with respect and love.........they will return it back to you ten times over............
                                               Danni, With her Furever Mommy, Dawn
To Read Danni's Full Story, Please Click the Link Below:!/note.php?note_id=153413861345723

Links to Amsterdog Rescue, who was mentioned in this story and also is responsible for rescuing Danni;  Please Like Amsterdog's Rescue's Facebook Page:
 Amsterdog Rescue Facebook Page
Amsterdog Rescue Website